written by Liz Laenger
June 2016

If you haven’t been on one of my trainings, you most likely don’t know me or my story.  

The Backstory - I was a stay at home mom for 10 years, and while I entertained a few business ideas, I mostly enjoyed making my home and planning family activities. One day, my husband asked me to get a job. I reluctantly agreed.

Inside I panicked,  how was I going to go out and JUST get a job?  
What would I "do"?  
Does it have to be a "real" job? 

In my home state of Louisiana, it was easy to get a job on a movie set, especially as part of a scene’s background. For several years, I worked on countless movie sets and had a blast! My ambition was to do something fun and unusual, and the movie business was the ticket.  After spending endless days and nights living on movies sets, I only saw myself on a screen two times. That’s crazy! I got picked for so many scenes, worked multiple shows, and even an entire season of one show but my face was barely seen twice on a big or small screen.

It was a great experience, and I learned so much, mostly that I have no ambition of being an actor. Finally, I was offered the chance to work on the movie The Campaign starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. I jumped at the chance, because they are two of my favorite comedic actors. To my delight, I got on three scenes. It would be three days of laughing, and who wouldn’t want a job where you get paid to laugh … right?!


The Movie - The Campaign is a parody of two politicians running for office and how ridiculous political campaigns can be. This photo is of a scene where Ferrell’s character gathers a group of people around a relatable center, which in this case was group of custom audio installers. Another was a group of Tilt-A-Whirl workers, and each group was a niche. These niches were extremely paired down, and he did this over and over with different groups. Each group was told that they were the backbone of America. 


The Professional - I stood next to Ferrell through the rehearsal and every take. Each subsequent take, he would go off script like an IMPROV performance, which made it hard because each take was funnier than the last. We were told to focus on him and seriously consider his speech about how custom audio installers were the backbone of America. Since I was in the camera’s direct view, it was hard not to laugh. Ferrell already had several good takes in the can but was not satisfied. Since we were filming at an actual custom audio shop, he asked the director if he could speak with one of the shop’s actual installers. 


The Research - Since Ferrell probably didn’t know anything about the custom audio industry, he wanted the installer to describe his job, his tools and the inventory he installed. He asked who the target customer was, what the customer wanted and what kind of things the company could do for its customers. After the quick research and fact finding was finished, more valuable verbiage was added to the script which made the next few takes better than the good ones already in the can. This is why I am now more interested in how a story is being told or how a movie is being made than in being a brilliant star. As you can imagine, the finished product was much better with the right verbiage included. 


The Lesson - Ferrell perfectly captured the ridiculousness intended for the scene, and this is exactly what I’ve done to better understand my clients’ buyers. Every time I go through Facebook’s Insights and Custom Audience Tools, I uncover critical information about the groups my clients’ need to target. The time it takes to uncover this information is relatively small, and the additional information can be included in the text above your Facebook ad image. Doing research with these tools will 1) help you make better educated decisions, 2) make a difference in the response to your ads, and 3) attract better prospects.


The Takeaway – So, What Will Ferrell Taught Me About Social Media Marketing is as follows:


  1. Appeal to the Smallest Possible Niche. If you create separate ads for separate groups of people, you can use the language you discover from these groups.  
  2. Do Your Research. Facebook has free tools … so use them.  
  3. Don’t Settle For Good Enough. Will Ferrell wasn’t just satisfied with a good scene, and in order to produce the perfect scene, which in this case was only five seconds, he went beyond the job of actor and stepped into the job of scriptwriter. After witnessing his level of professionalism, I now approach my business with the same amount of preparation and drive that he used to approach every scene. I look at my ad stats every day … I look at today, yesterday and last week. I look at this month to date, last month and year to date. I figure out what keywords and images are working and constantly test against them. Don’t ever let someone tell you, “Facebook marketing is set it and forget it.” It takes your time and attention, but the upfront work you invest to get it right will bring you customers who will do repeat business with you.

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