Making Your Time Count On Social

written by Liz Laenger
August 16, 2016

One of the chief complaints my prospects say to me is, “I don’t know what to post and I don’t have time to post the amount of things you are recommending”.

Look, I know it’s hard, but, I hate complaining, so first suck it up.   THIS IS the way to communicate to MANY people at once.  You were going to do spend that much energy and time at a networking event.  You might spend all of your time, that day, on that one “at bat”.  Let's be honest how much time have you spent doing that?  Also, how many leads did you convert to sales?  The answers to these questions will give you the return for your investment of your time. 

Here is it what I don’t have time for: having my whole entire business built on ONE to ONE selling.  I have joined a networking group, but I did it to help and learn.  I don’t have ulterior motives there.  

I get approached often to join this or that networking group.  They try to sell me on it hard too.  “Hey Liz!  You’ll be the only Social Media Expert in the group.”  (Please don’t get me started on that word expert.  In this business there is no expert or guru.  The rules change daily.  We are all practitioners.  The marketers that are practicing and analyzing the most, are the ones having success).

Look, if one to one selling is working for you.  I’m glad, I really am.  I just don’t want you to put all of your eggs in that one basket.  There is a huge generation coming up that want to do business differently.  I don’t want you to put off working on your online profile by putting out great content NOW.

If you care about your prospects and customers, you will find the time to get your message, not just out there, but to YOUR targeted prospects.  I recommend you work on Social Media yourself and then when you understand enough about it, and you really don’t want to do it anymore, delegate it to someone on your team.  Hiring a social media manager is awesome and if your marketing budget can afford it- do it, but be included in what is happening.  Social Media is an integral part of the majority of companies that have a marketing department.  Lucky for all the entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and small businesses, Social Media levels the playing field for you and all your competitors- that is a HUGE incentive for you to get involved.  Also you can't do some basic management of your profile, you could get burned by someone quitting or hacking your account.

So don’t wait and don’t get left behind.  Here is why: Facebook is moving in the direction of having your Business Page be just as important as your website.  After reading the reports I’ve just read, I’m certain they’ll do it too.  I’m not trying to scare you, I want to motivate you to take it seriously.  

There’s no need to get overwhelmed if you haven’t started.  Just start with the Social Media platform that has the best targeting and tools to guide you to knowing your prospects and being able to truly help your customers. Which one is that you ask?  It’s Facebook.  


This desire will allow you to learn way more about them then you ever imagined.  This will teach you about what images to use and what to say.  You are able to educate about your product or service and answer questions or handle concerns on your own.  

Your customers will love you back for this.  That’s right they will love you, if you love them first.  Guess where they are going to go talk about how good you treat them…… their friends on Facebook.  *One caution that’s where they will talk about it if you don’t as well.

I’m about to go too long here.  So I am going to stop, and offer you this resource. “How To Show Your Customers You Love Them”  Click here to get it. 


I’ll post part 2 of this article in a few days.  What do you think of this article?  I want to hear from you!