The Thing About Advertising Awards

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So I was nominated for an award for a post I submitted to the Baton Rouge Social Media Association.  This is how I make it work. I determine my goal= to increase revenue through customer growth.  

When writing the article that you land on after clicking on my nominated post or any post, I build it around my desired result which is one or several of the following: to grow my email list, grow my Facebook Custom Audience, establish my authority, and help potential prospects.  

For my clients and me, these activities in Social Media lead to acquiring new clients, selling my downloadable course, creating a lead to follow up with, or getting traffic to your location, that being the end goal. It is a process THAT WORKS.

That is exactly what it did. 

Have you clearly defined what your posts or ads are designed to get your prospects to do?

Social Media campaigns that act like a cheesy salesman by constantly asking for the sale don’t work. 

If you want Social Media to work for your business I suggest following a system, a system that educates your prospects and gives results in advance, leading them naturally to your desired result, because it benefits and focuses on the needs of your prospect, not you.

Add value by posting, making videos, and writing articles that build your authority and answer common questions your prospect has, which is how you provide results in advance.

This is also how a prospect gets to know you from your Social Media efforts and how the prospect becomes willing to do business with you when the time comes to make a decision.  

Does your content build trust?  Make it easy for your customer to choose you.  

I hope you'll find this helpful and brings you.....

Success In Social Media,
Liz Laenger

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