As business owners and those in charge of bringing in revenue for their company, you have to know that sales has to be the top priority.  The problem today for some people is understanding that bringing in that revenue doesn’t look like it looked 5 years ago.

Why is this the only thing that matters?  Because it solves every other problem your business has.

Identify each place your sales come to you:  your front door, your phone, your website, networking, and of course Social Media.  Whether you are starting out or been in business a while, these avenues need to be identified.  Then you want to choose a  team member to be responsible for each of these avenues.  Choose someone who is capable of taking a prospect who has entered one of through one of these avenues from lead/prospect to a completed sale- sometimes we call them sales people. It can’t be just a warm body.  It has to be someone who is driven and passionate about that process.  Their results needs to be measured, with accountability implemented daily, weekly, etc.


You might think I'm crazy but hear me out, you can actually have a terrible website or a lobby that needs updating and you CAN AND SHOULD still exceed your goals.  It happens when you have capable team members. If your team doesn’t feel like this is your priority they wont either.  If you don’t have a team like that now, are the people you do have coachable?  If they have the passion, they need you to coach them and provide them resources, feedback and accountability to achieve this.

When this is accomplished, THEN you can take your increased revenue and spend some of it on upgrading your website, brand, or lobby.


How do you do this?  


1) Read sales books.  Provide your team with sales resources if you can’t coach him or her yourself.  Always be reading a business book.  Or use a service like Audible that will read it to you while you are driving or in an activity that allows you to also listen.

2) Make your workplace so much fun, you attract top talent.  Promote your inspiring environment.  Your top talent will recruit for you.  Use your Facebook page to tell this story in addition to promoting your products and services. When you have people coming to you asking you if there is an open position, you know you’ve got that environment.  I don’t believe using hiring services to find top talent will work in the long run.

3) Your excellent product that can out perform your competition and having excellent customer service will also attract more customers also.  Getting new customers and keeping the current ones is equally important.  Measure this to see how you are doing.

I haven’t really told you anything that will cost you even $100.  Posting on Social Media is free, but you do have to know how to make engaging and entertaining posts and videos.  You should be focusing on videos.  This takes trial and error but if you are patient, you’ll figure out what works with your audience.  Why wouldn’t you try?  It’s free to make posts and video. Your smart phone and apps will allow you to do this all on your own.  You could consult with a Social Media Marketer, but if you don’t have money to do that, you have time. 1.Time to figure it out.  2.Time to research other successful marketers3.Time to analyze the free data that Facebook gives you.  

Just don’t wait, start RIGHT NOW!  Marketing on the internet is not going away, instead it is becoming vital.  Companies that started adopting these practices are already winning.  You can too, just START NOW.

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