“LIZ Laenger has gotten us dollar measurable results with the leads she delivered to us. I haven’t had to waste any time on unqualified leads. I was extremely hesitant to get into social media. She made seem really easy and the results speak for themselves. I own a workout facility but it’s different than any other in town. There is quite a bit of education that is required choose us over a regular gym. She took all the frustration out of that part she broke it down and made it simple.”

— Chris Wall owner at Trinity Holistic Health & Training

“Liz helped us fill an unusual vacancy we were experiencing at one of our apartment complexes. I wasn’t sure this was going to work, but then again my marketing at that point consisted of me putting flyers on cars in parking lots near the location. I couldn’t believe how easy the strategy was to execute. It works and that’s all I care about!”

— Ed Kramer

“Deciding to start using Facebook marketing for our family’s 60 year old furniture store, that due to the economy is now situated just outside of town, was hard. Once we did make the decision to use Liz Laenger to help us, everything got easy. We are used to the typical marketing of years ago. Liz helped us tell our story and stayed true to our family and the audience that she created for us, which somehow contained many of our past customers, loved it!”

— Pat Green an owner at Town & Country Furniture

“I use Facebook but just to look around. I don’t really post. I feel like most of the things I see posted are the type of thing my client would respect. When I inquired with Liz about using Facebook to reach my client I didn’t think it was going to be the right answer for my company, a private wealth management firm. She showed me how I could actually target people of a certain net worth as well as other factors like what company they worked for. Wow! I didn’t know that could be done. The traffic that we got was great for brand awareness while some of it yielded actual new clients. This is far more than I expected, especially considering the time and investment required.”

— Asset Management

“This is tough to admit but I was operating my business in the dark ages until I met Liz Laenger. I suppose she had a huge undertaking by getting us marketing in 2016. To me it seemed effortless. Now my 30 stores have their own Facebook pages and the store managers use them to communicate with the customers and get new business. I was used to using the phone book and flyers to market each store. Clearly that wasn’t working anymore. I was so overwhelmed because I had been running this company since 97, and I didn’t want to learn new marketing. I’m still not sure if learned anything new because she made it so easy. She even talks with my branch managers when they have questions. I am so glad we went with Liz. We got way more than we paid for in my opinion.”

— Troy McCullen

“Facebook Strategies For Pure Profit was all we needed to train our team members to promote our business for us.”

— Thed Bhavi Vision Systems