How To Avoid Social Media Overwhelm When Making Facebook Ads

(Hand raised)  “I’ll take this one.” says Liz Laenger, Social Media Marketer and strategist.

I sometimes write about my unwillingness to work with business owners who expect vending machine results from Social Media.  If I detect a bit of laziness after having been very upfront about the work it takes to stand out in the noisy Social Media space, It’s my cue to exit stage left.  I stand by that view point. However, THAT is totally different than feeling overwhelm as you are researching online, reading your email or just naturally bombarded in your Newsfeed with conflicting information.  

You and I are inundated with a high number of articles that exclaim the number one or perhaps top five things you MUST be doing to succeed on Social Media.  Yes I too get frustrated and feel like somehow I could work harder and be in more places saying more things.  I’m drowning in Buzzfeed Quizes about “How To Spot a Narcissist” or “Do You Know If You Have Introverts On Your Team” and “What To Do About It”.  Oh, and my favorite “The Number One Mistakes Business Owners Make and Don’t Even Know It”.


No one can keep that up, for very long.  

So here is what I do.  I really hope this helps you (instead of making you feel like a guilty slacker who doesn’t care about anything or anybody).  How can an article make me feel like that anyway?????

I’m going to give you just 2 things to use the next time you feel that Social Media overwhelm.

One: My unique mantra, I wrote it on my own and believe this with my whole heart, about Social Media: To have success with Social Media for your business you have to demonstrate that you care about your customers and prospects (even the ones that may never buy from you.   It’s one statement that I aim for my articles to give you a practical way to illustrate.  It will be specific to your business and you will know exactly what it is.  Your post will communicate this and IT WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT IN THE NOISY SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD, but in a good way.  The kind of way you do when you are at a cocktail party because you are pleasant, helpful and best of all intriguing. 

Two:  Since you can’t truly do two things at once or have more than one thought at once, let’s apply this principle when opening your email box or scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed.  You’re bombarded with ten of the most compelling copy written titles.  Instead feeling overwhelmed and hitting the little garbage can icon, or worse making a shallow attempt to do several of them…. pick ONE of them.  Go ahead and pick the one you want to do or try the most.  Then give that a time slot on your calendar to reread and execute.  Give it your quality time and attention.

You can book mark the others or find someway to save for later if you want to.  I have found that I never go back or when I do, the info has become outdated anyway.  Boom, you’re off the hook!

There is something really amazing about a person or company that is singular focused and does this one thing really well.  Like Chick Fil A.  All they do is the chicken sandwich.  They aren’t trying to be everything to everyone.   

So am I telling you just be a really good chicken sandwich?  Sort of.  

Most people that I work with are small business owners with no or just a hand full of employees. They don’t have a marketing department or a Budweiser budget.  If you try to do the things the big companies do, you’re going to waste your perfectly good resources.  Social Media platforms like Facebook level the playing field for you vs. the big budget companies.  Don’t try to compete with them.  Do one thing well.  Show your customers and prospects you really care about them, you will WIN.  You’ll will no longer be subject to Social Media overwhelm either!

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