written by Liz Laenger

I love sales!  I love to sell and I love to be sold to.......like really sold.  Not simply asked to purchase something but the real smooth approach that transitions so well that you don’t even notice.  

I get very frustrated when a business, especially a big company, fumbles this part.  Have you trained your sales people?  It’s one of the first things I ask when considering a new client.  I want them to know that when I bring them a lead that they can close the deal.

Recently I added a surveillance and security system to my home.  The first place I called, clearly fumbled.  There was no rapport established.  I was not thanked.  I was treated as if they were doing ME a favor.  The #1 thing they did wrong - They didn’t ask me why I wanted one!!!!

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the sale.  Find outWHY a customer was prompted to call or, if you already have customers, why they do business with you. Then, constantly refer to that in all of your communication.

All throughout the sale, if you speak to your prospect in terms of the pain that can be stopped by doing business with you, then you could have a 9/10 closing ratio.  PLUS, most people are likely to pay more when they feel understood.  They become confident that you will deliver on your promise.  

So fast forward a few weeks....I found a company that on the front end seemed to understand my concerns.  I really felt like they cared about me and my family.  They also did exactly what they told me they would do.  (Another important technique of successful business and the subject of a future post).  

The rest of their process went just like the sales part.  I am a happy customer AND I feel safe.  My new alarm system has provided safety and comfort in my home.  I'm sure I'm paying more, but to me it’s worth it. 

So, how are the sales skills of your front line?  Are you losing any leads on the front?  If you are, it is probably because you/they are not finding out what happend to this person to make them call you.  Did they have a bad experience at your competitor?  Are they afraid?  Are they disgusted with their current situation?  It doesn’t have to be a secret, most people will tell you before you even ask.  Make sure you use that info to close the deal.

Happy Selling!!!! 

Liz Laenger