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You know approximately once weekly I send you this Social Media Strategy Key. This week, I am sharing with you excerpt of a letter I wrote to an actual client.  I have changed the names to protect the innocent.   I typically send exclusive content to my clients if it fits their brand or Social Media Strategy.  It’s easier and faster for me to make a video or infographic to get information to them quickly instead of waiting for their next team/employee/ board meeting. I typically manage their paid functions in Facebook to get exposure, but why wouldn’t we also exhaust the free ones too! If it is a maneuver I would do, be it my business/organization, I owe it to them to show them too.  THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR!




So I’m giving you a look behind the curtain of how I practice over-providing the value we previously agreed on to my clients.  It’s usually little actions like this, that if we consistently execute, we play the long game. It's the only strategy sustainable on Social Media. The big picture is, we are always inching ahead.

Most people/business owners/ marketers do this:  “Oh gosh, I need to post something.  Where do I start?”  Then blasting on posts or email list about a sale that eventually gets tuned out.  They follow it by a long break, then later they try that same maneuver. The people that do this are making their Social Media Marketing a total and complete afterthought. Some also post the same thing over and over. Your audience will tune you out, if it even gets displayed.  This is a mistake: Your audience doesn't feel like you care about them. There's no trust built here. Eventually these marketers claim Social Media didn't work for their business.


I am doing something different here and I don't put this in my contracts. My contracts layout my plan to manage your Social Media Content and make highly Targeted ads. What I actually do, doesn't end there.  I continuously build relationships. I never want anyone to feel taken for granted.  I want them to say “NO WAY we're cutting out Social Media Marketing!” --Because it's working and they know I care about their business. Also, I am doing this at minimal effort. I am not knocking myself out to create a whole new batch of content.  In this case, multiply it by their 40 board members and 15 employees and you’ve got serious results……for ZERO DOLLARS.  I kind of look like a magical super hero but without trying that hard.  (More on repurposing content in a future post.)

It’s not hard to think about what else your audience, clients, prospects care about and what you can do to help them outside the lines of the box you’ve drawn.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO, AND IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE YOU WOULD!

How can you do this with your audience on Facebook or email prospect or buyer list?  Think about what else your audience cares about. After I finish this tutorial, which I swear I am getting to any second, I fell like giving you the “why” first, will compel you to take action immediately.

If you didn’t catch it, that was your big take away: Identify the ways you can help your audience, clients, and prospects outside the lines of the box (contract/product/service) you’ve offered.  Do it.  Do it consistently. Do it for a long, long time. Do it for the time it takes to engage your audience.  Then keep doing it.  What ever you have to do to accomplish this: work more hours, hire someone, or make a plan and divide it up between the team members you have.




At this point you should have a better understanding of what you are to be posting. Now let's add more fans so you can build your authority and establish trust, beating out your competition.

Here we finally go with what I did for one of my clients….

Here is what I wrote the head the organization with all the employees and board members.  My company was doing Facebook live sessions of some of their events.  Their page has a great fan base, but you should always want more!  More of anything? More of everything!  Here is an email I sent her.  You can follow along and pretend that I sent it directly to you!  Come behind the curtain of a Social Media Marketer providing results in advance to a client or prospect.


Hi “Friend” (not her real name),

I thought it would be helpful to send this easy tutorial that I made for you to can forward to the employees and board members of your organization. This is one simple technique that I teach teams to maximize their organizations exposure on Facebook.

Since I am an active page member of this organization and your content is relevant to my friends too, I tried it out on them first.  When I did this yesterday (less than 24 hours ago), I have since been notified that I added 18 new fans to your page….for…free. 

What if each member of your organization did this?  How many more could we add?

I was reviewing the ridiculous exposure we got when we conducted the Free Facebook Live sessions we did with your last event (OVER 10,000 views), we should only want to grow your audience more. Then, let's continue to tease your audience with snippet videos of the fun being had at your next events.

Anyone representing your organization in anyway (board members, employees, season ticket holders, and also send one to one email your friends that are just super fans that are also on Facebook), will probably be willing to help broaden your page’s audience by inviting people from their own time line to like this page.  You can use my explanation here or visit the tutorial I made on YouTube by clicking the link.  You may forward this email to your staff and board.  I created a separate document for you to copy and past to send to your mail list and the raving fan organization supporters.  Just a note, be grateful and personally thank those people that tag, talk about, or share posts,  encouraging them by publicly acknowledging them on Facebook makes them do it more!!!  Keep in mind, what I am about to show you is FREE.  NO PAID LIKES. 

You can click on this link to watch a video tutorial or follow the instructions bellow it.

I also made this graphic if you would rather use this resource instead.



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That was one of my over-deliver actions I used to prove I care.

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Yours In Success!
Liz Laenger
Social Media Strategist

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