Is This a Post or an Ad?

"Do you think this is a Post or an Ad?"

"Do you think this is a Post or an Ad?"

If you are charged with running a business’ Facebook page … I feel for you!  Based on the questions we receive every day, we know there’s a lot of confusion out there.  I want to help!

So, here’s an easy answer.

When you go to your business page and post an update, it is considered just that - an update. It’s free, and you can do it as many times as you want.  Depending on how many fans you have and how Facebook considers your content, about 10% of your fans will see your post.  


This image is from one of my posts, and you can tell it is not an ad because there is no “Sponsored” text on it.  


There are also paid ads.  You may pay to have the posts you’ve made displayed to more of your fans or even to people who are not yet your fans.  Another option is to go to your Ads Manager and create an ad.  At this point you have crossed the line to being a real marketer.  There you can create many different kinds of ads, and each one is named after the type of result you are looking for or desire.  For example, Clicks to Website is the kind of ad that if your prospect clicks on it, then they will be sent to your website.  Video Ads are for marketers who want you to watch their video. There are numerous others.

If the word “Sponsored” is on the post, then you know you are looking at a paid ad (see image above).

Facebook makes it so easy to make your own ads, and I know YOU CAN DO IT! 

However, it is important to know that this is also the easiest way to throw money in the garbage. 

My advice is to split these duties into two separate tasks for you or your team.  Create a strategy of how you post on your business page.


Task 1 – Planning Your Business Page Posts


Organizing this on separate documents will help you to write great posts.  Please don’t head to Facebook and stare at the box that says “Write something…..” while trying to think of … well … something.  


Plan your posts before you go to the page to do it.  Go here to get my 30 Days of Great Posts- a great resource to help you.  Make a post that you think your fans will be interested in by making something funny or informative.  Ask questions to get feedback. 


1-3 times per day?

Are you funny, thoughtful, serious?

What else do your fans think about?

What are questions you can ask that your fans might answer?

Holiday or even National ________ Day posts

Relatable posts surrounding the subject of your industry


Task 2 – Planning Your Ads

Use images that demonstrate the subjects below.  Give people a reason to respond right away with something like … “Special Pricing” or "Limited Time Offer".

What is the pain of the prospect?

Show what relief the prospect will receive after using your product or service.

What value does your product or service bring?

What makes you different?

What type of sale are you offering? (weekly, seasonal or Facebook special)

Now that you have these two different tasks separated, you can schedule out your posts in Facebook.  Take your Ad Creatives, go into the Ads Manager and submit to get those running as well. 

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Easy 3 Step Facebook Strategy to get more Customers, Clients, and Sales