written by Liz Laenger

Hi There!  

Soooo how are things??  and how is business??  

Well I hope great!!

I was "chatting" it up with a potential client the other day and he kept fishing around asking me questions and HE seemed nervous.  

I thought it was odd, and asked if something was wrong. He looked at me kind of embarrassed and I started to worry........what on earth is wrong????

He finally told me,  "Well, I don't really know how to post on Facebook."

Oh my gosh!!!  That is ok.  That is what I am here for!!! Let's talk about it right now!  I'm glad you asked, it's a great question.  

Why do you post to your business page? 

Hopefully your end goal it is to sell your product or service

So if your goal is to sell something then what do you write about? 

The process I use gives me some options because I don’t necessarily make selling something my direct goal. My goal is to engage my audience.  I don’t believe in building a brand for my clients.  It’s just a byproduct of engaging my audience to eventually sell them something.  It’s a more economical approach that my clients love. It's usually because they’ve already wasted money on this idea and have no sales to show for it. When I began this client business relationship, I spent a good bit of time gathering information about their buyer.  There are many ways to do this:  I can research their analytics in Facebook, go into their retail locations, or talk to their employees.  I want to understand the pain that the customer feels that prompts them to want to resolve this need or even want.  I also want to be knowledgeable about what the customer looks like; this can range from demographics, geographic location or many other variables. 

In the task of constructing Facebook posts, our goal is to be engaging.  First, I choose one of the groups of people (segment) that my client has identified as their typical buyer (target).  It is a VERY specific group of people.  It could be realtors, single people under 30, or just the type of person who would like this dress.  I AM ONLY TALKING TO THAT PERSON (TARGET).

Next, I construct valuable statements and/or use images that only the group of people I just identified would be interested in seeing or hearing about.  If my target audience is uninterested in the updates on my Facebook page then I have failed.  Furthermore how am I going to get them to respond to an ad???  I must understand exactly who the target is

So here is what I do, It's just 2 things!

1. I think about their pain.  What is the pain? Are they feeling unattractive due to the lake of exercise? Are they worried about late payments on bills?  Is my target concerned about a loved one dying and being ill prepared?  Is my target in a tumultuous marriage; scared of what filing for a divorce is going to actually entail?  These are hyper specific. This is where you want to be when understanding your buyer, and therefore, attracting your next prospect.  You will only attract your next customer and the others will keep scrolling.

2. Now what can I say to them that would make them feel that I can soothe their pain? Also, what is your benefit? We’ll use that too.  I am not going to talk about the client or how awesome the employees are that work there.  I want to talk about or show benefit and emotion.  

Here are some examples:

  1. Look at our members at our monthly success party!  {image of healthy real looking happy people at a party}
  2. Out of cash? We can help. {image of lady holding a bill with relieved look}
  3. Financial planning relief packets for wealth management analysis checkup. 
  4. How to get new customers into your business now.
  5. 3 Steps To 1 Million In The Bank.
  6. This spring look is so fresh!

Those are some variations of different posts I’ve used.  Notice how if you were not that type of buyer you wouldn’t respond?  These would be great posts or even text (wording) for your Facebook ad. 

Structuring your posts like this will help alot. It will create engagement from people who haven’t bought from you yet.  Engagement is likes, comments, and shares. These things don’t equal dollars, but I think that as a business it is important to try and engage your audience. This type of post or ad will only attract your next buyer, which is exactly what you want.

Happy posting!  I hope this helps when you sit down to make your next post for your business page. 

Now Go Try It!