written by Liz Laenger


Sounds like something your teacher would have said, right??

I don't want to sound like a teacher, but maybe I was one in my former life.   

What does this really have to do with a classroom anyway??

Ok, Well I have several clients who want to get leads to follow up with.  This means they want a potential client to “raise their hand” and say I give you permission to call me and discuss this product or service further.  

Many insurance agents, wealth managers, home builders, big ticket item business want a Face to Face first meeting. Preferably with someone at least semi interested in what they have to say.

Typically I use a webform to do this, but now Facebook has come out with LEAD ADS.  Lead ads have eliminated a ton of work on my part because Facebook has created a type of ad to choose from along with these types: "clicks to website", "call my store" and other great ads.  

The great thing about lead ads is that when a customer “raises his or her hand” the form is automatically filled out with their information from their Facebook profile and they no longer have to type it in. This should be amazing because 80+% is coming from mobile traffic.  Sounds great right???  Because it’s easier??

WRONG!!!  It is harder to fill out my Infusionsoft webforms.  Turns out that it is a great qualifying hoop for my prospects to jump through.  The leads that I am getting from prospects that are typing in their own name, phone number, and their preferred time to be contacted are actually cheaper andalso convert better.  

Go figure!  Making things too easy is not qualifying enough for my target I guess.  I know I would appreciate a pre-filled webform for a product I am interested in but HEY…. I am not my customer. 

Perhaps it would work better for a less niche-y product or service.

I will continue to test this ad from Facebook in small amounts to see if I can get it to work at a reasonable dollar figure.  

What is your product or service?  Do you think it would work for your business?  Comment below and I will message you back.  I always want your social media marketing questions. 

I hope this helps you!  Have a wonder day!  Peace!

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