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How do you want your prospect to respond? I understand most business owners are really busy, but don't skip this step.  You can get qualified leads just by identifying this and other easy steps.

Chris' business, Trinity Holistic Health & Training, is unique.  He owns a holistic health and training facility.  Some people call this a gym, but this is no gym.  There are tons of gyms in Baton Rouge where a typical prospect comes in and signs a membership on the spot.  They want to "get healthy" or "lose weight".   This is where his facility is different.   Read This Story>>

For Local Businesses: You can work with me, find out how.  Click here>>

Click To Discover The Magic of Networking....

Click To Discover The Magic of Networking....

Here is an "commercial" I made to post Facebook for a client.  This first person experience looks like a "Vlog" on YouTube.   It works well because it is native to Facebook.  No one goes to Facebook to purchase something or learn about your business.  If you can create content that looks like what "Friends" in your newsfeed are posting, you will get the attention of your prospect. Then you can drive them to your store, website, or event.  Check out this example, then go to my YouTube channel and see other examples I made for clients.

Click here to discover this awesome event!

Click here to discover this awesome event!

Avoid being a people pleaser to get likes. Be the best version of yourself. Tell your story to the people that want to hear it.
— Liz Laenger





You know you’re cool when your friend makes you a custom Snapchat filter for your birthday, and it displays during your party at its very location! Yes, my lifelong, chemical engineer friend, Kelley Green, is very cool. Although, she disagrees and says anyone with this job title is automatically “not cool”. 

She is a gorgeous, funny, sweet and loyal friend. That equals cool in my book, so she got a custom filter from me. How hard was it? Not very. Snapchat makes it pretty easy. I read a few articles from friends in the biz and got insights from people who had already done it. What a cool idea! 

Incase you haven’t tried it yet, Snapchat is a new(er) social media platform that people of all ages are using to tell stories about the last 24 hours of their lives. After taking a pic or short vid, they can then add drawings or stickers to exaggerate whatever they are talking about. Here is my Snapcode. Screen shoot this and check out my story or add me as your friend.             READ MORE>>



Will The Boost Post Button bring you customers?


Everybody says they get customers, leads and sales from Facebook. You hear it so many times, you have to believe it's true!  Here is what you need to know before you push that “easy button”. First, I want to establish there is a difference between a post and a paid ad.  

Posts are free and shown to a small percentage of your “fans” or “likers”.  You can....    READ MORE>>

Tonight I attended a seminar given by one of my clients.  He is a wealth manager and frequently gives seminars to his investors on various topics.  I thought “This is perfect, all of his buyers in one room!” 

The topic was Protecting Yourself and Your Assets From Digital Thieves.  I thought that was a great service for him to provide and it is just one of the bonuses that his clients receive that he doesn’t even promote.  AWESOME!

From my perspective, this event was extremely valuable because my job is to find more people, just like the people in that room, to become new clients of his.  His prospects are a niche because he only accepts people that have a very high minimum to invest and they have to be willing to invest all of their liquid funds with his group.  READ MORE>>