How do you want your prospect to respond? I understand most business owners are really busy, but don't skip this step.  You can get qualified leads just by identifying this and other easy steps.

Chris' business is unique.  He owns a holistic health and training facility.  Some people call this a gym, but this is no gym.  There are tons of gyms in Baton Rouge where a typical prospect comes in and signs a membership on the spot.  They want to "get healthy" or "lose weight".   This is where his facility is different.  Some of his prospects want an in depth nutrition plan. Others have been struggling with a pain that doctors or physical therapists have been unable to resolve.  He says most people come to their consultation saying "I have done everything suggested by professionals" but are still having the same pains.  After an evaluation where he measures their movements he can pinpoint the actual problem instead of treating the symptoms.
"Treating the body as a whole, as in holistically, reveals imbalances that have caused sometimes multiple problems."  At this point he can prescribe and follow through with this person corrective exercises that solve the actual problems.  Many times it's a multi step process.  Once these have been resolved, the member then can move to a maintenance program to keep their body functioning pain free, then pursue a workout program that keeps them in optimal shape.  "We have achieved results that physicians have typically prescribed medications to manage pain."  It's a multiphase process that members are so quite content to continue. We work one on one usually throughout the phases until he or she reaches their maintenance phase.

Due to this type of work my team and I do here, I want to receive a lead form that the prospect fills out.  I then contact this person and set up an appointment. I rarely have someone walk in asking for a consultation.  Liz publishes articles on my behalf that describes the pains that the prospect identifies with.  He or she recognizes themselves in the descriptions and believes or becomes willing to meet with me to hear more. The details of set up a campaign like this is not something I could do on my own. She has worked with me on each step to understand how to get the attention of my targeted prospect. I don't waste time trying to get people to come in.  These leads are highly qualified. 

Trying to explain what we do here is not possible to do in a tv commercial or typical article in a magazine.  Believe me I spent lots of money trying. I am grateful for social media marketing and it this point I wouldn't want to try to do any other way.

You can look at our website for examples of articles we have used to generate these leads here

Her expertise have been a godsend to my business.