Can You Tell A Story?

written by Liz Laenger

If your business could tell a story what would it be?

Here is a test.......go to your business Facebook page and scroll through.  Look at it through the eyes of you prospect.  What is the story it's telling?

If it doesn't tell the story you want, relax, you can fix that.

You can even back date posts. You can arrange the photos and video in the order you want.  You can even pin the perfect post to stay at the top of the page.  Keep in mind when a prospect comes to your page they are curious.  They will scroll once or twice down so keep the best stuff at the top.

Have a cover photo that is relevant to what is going on right now, even if you have to change it once a week.  It's worth it!

Need some ideas for what to post?

Think about what other things matter to my customer and prospect?  Is it the weather?  Is it the local area?  Recipes?  Think about it and find great resources for your customers and fans that they would find helpful.  DON'T JUST ASK FOR THEM TO BUY SOMETHING FROM YOU!!!!  

That's rude!

Be a helpful friend that always knows something good. Hate the things that your customer hates(fat, clutter, mean people, or whatever problem your service or product solves).

I hope this helps you.  It is very simple, no need to make it complicated.

Now go tell me the story of what it was like, what happened and what it is like now that your product or service is available.

Just the Biz From Mediabuyerliz,
Liz Laenger

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