written by Liz Laenger

Tonight I attended a seminar given by one of my clients.  He is a wealth manager and frequently gives seminars to his investors on various topics.  I thought “This is perfect, all of his buyers in one room!” 

The topic was Protecting Yourself and Your Assets From Digital Thieves.  I thought that was a great service for him to provide and it is just one of the bonuses that his clients receive that he doesn’t even promote.  AWESOME!

From my perspective, this event was extremely valuable because my job is to find more people, just like the people in that room, to become new clients of his.  His prospects are a niche because he only accepts people that have a very high minimum to invest and they have to be willing to invest all of their liquid funds with his group.  

I found that there were quite a few commonalities in that room.  The age range was largely in the 50-60 range.  Many of them had just come from work and they had name badges on.  What????  They have large amounts of money, and they wear a name tag?  I don’t think you would assume that someone with millions in the bank would wear a name tag, BUT that is precisely why you shouldn’t assume.  

I didn’t see any Louis V bags, big jewelry, or high end name brands.  They were a very simple bunch.  At the reception afterwards I visited with as many people as I could and asked a few questions.  

I asked if they used social media specifically Facebook. Every woman said yes and most of the men just looked in the direction of their spouse. Ha Ha!  I knew it!

So what is your buyer group like?  What makes your business different?   What do you do?  What makes you different?  If I could get all of your past buyers in a room, what would their commonalities be? 

This information is key because when you are marketing on Facebook, you can actually choose these categories to show your ads or specifically targeted “articles”.  You can place a Facebook pixel on those articles and create your very own audience to communicate with.  Now you haven’t wasted any time or money blanket advertising to the whole nation, literally.  

Don’t forget to make sure you are targeting the categories that your buyers have in common so that you will be attracting/targeting your perfect next buyer.