Who's Company To The Party?

written by Liz Laenger
February 2016

If your business could tell a story what would it be?

Here is a test.......go to your business Facebook page and scroll through.  Look at it through the eyes of you prospect.  What is the story it's telling?

If it doesn't tell the story you want, relax, you can fix that.

You can even back date posts. You can arrange the photos and video in the order you want.  You can even pin the perfect post to stay at the top of the page.  Keep in mind when a prospect comes to your page they are curious.  They will scroll once or twice down so keep the best stuff at the top.

Have a cover photo that is..   READ MORE


How Easy Is It To Set Up Lead Ads For Your Business Facebook Page

written by Liz Laenger
February 2016


Sounds like something your teacher would have said, right??

I don't want to sound like a teacher, but maybe I was one in my former life.   

What does this really have to do with a classroom anyway??

Ok, Well I have several clients who want to get leads to follow up with.  This means they want a potential client to “raise their hand” and say I give you permission to call meand discuss this product or service further.     READ MORE

Buyer Audience

written by Liz Laenger
January 2016

Tonight I attended a seminar given by one of my clients.  He is a wealth manager and frequently gives seminars to his investors on various topics.  I thought “This is perfect, all of his buyers in one room!” 

The topic was Protecting Yourself and Your Assets From Digital Thieves.  I thought that was a great service for him to provide and it is just one of the bonuses that his clients receive that he doesn’t even promote.  AWESOME!

From my perspective, this event was extremely valuable because my job is to find more people, just like the people in that room, to become new clients of his.   

How To Make Facebook Posts For Your Business

written by Liz Laenger
December 2015

Hi There!  

Soooo how are things??  and how is business??  

Well I hope great!!

I was "chatting" it up with a potential client the other day and he kept fishing around asking me questions and HE seemed nervous.  

I thought it was odd, and asked if something was wrong. He looked at me kind of embarrassed and I started to worry........what on earth is wrong????

He finally told me....  READ MORE

Do You Need Better Facebook Engagement Today?

written by Liz Laenger
October 2015

Well Hello There!


If you haven’t already noticed Facebook will not show but 10% of your posts from your business page to your fans.  I know that is tough to believe.  

I did learn how to get more without hitting the boost post or promote post buttons.  Those by the way will require you to pay money to do so.  

Here is the secret.  Go to your...   READ MORE