Use The Internet To Market Your Business in 2019

Feb 15, 2019 by Liz Laenger

Use The Internet To Market Your Business in 2019

Things are happening in our businesses and finances that we should be making adjustments for. At the same time, we must still focus on executing the overall strategy we have planned. 

When I am studying about the current state of marketing on the internet for different industries, I always see that there are typical variables that are always changing and another group of variables that have stayed the same.

You want to know what those are?  Hopefully, you do…..

What Changes?
Pop culture humor- I find it super cool if you can link fresh, relevant pop culture humor to what you are marketing.  One of my faves @Topgolf did it perfectly the day the picture of the egg beat the top liked photo on Instagram formerly held by Kylie Jenner. @World_record_egg was the author of this super simple post of an egg. I won't go in any further because the account and story run along the lines of conspiracy theories but the point I want to make is while it was fresh, new, and had all the buzz @Topgolf posted the same photo with golf ball dimples added. It was clever. It looked very similar which is good because that silly little egg had a lot of attention. The text they used was self-deprecating, which I am usually a fan of.  This is a great example of why it is important to have someone on your team with this kind of thermostat for memes and all things popular.  I have 2 teenagers so I am taking full advantage of the free advice.

The questions your prospects need answers for- Keeping a current list of what your prospects are worried about, the problems they need to be solved, and what gets only their attention can change depending on the type of industry you are in. Having a working/current list of these is crucial. It should be at the center of each sales conversation you have. If these topics change we must work those new solutions into our material.

What Stays The Same?
Fail to assume- Respect your audience by posting and being present on any platform. Don’t disrespect that part of your audience, maybe even a very small part, likes podcasts. Start utilizing any and every place you can be. Maybe you just don’t want to change the way you have always done things. It is tough to change but let’s just start embracing it, especially if you want to stay in the game. As a consumer, I feel totally disrespected when a business assumes where I’ll be or what I am interested in. Don’t assume. Don’t disrespect. 

Innovation- Your competition is investing. Your competition is planning. Your competition is trying new things. Products and ways to purchase them keep getting better, easier, and faster.  What are you doing to accomplish this for your product or business? There are places you can innovate and if you aren’t sure where to ask some of your past buyers what they would like to see next time they come back. Easy places to start are your website functionality and user experience, adding a new platform you are publishing on or improving your content to entertain your audience.

I hope you will take action on one of these steps today! Find me on Facebook!

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