Making Your Time Count on Social Part 2


written by Liz Laenger
October 3, 2016

If you have read part one, you are ready to start or work a little harder at reaching your audience. So, let’s talk about where we start.  You have a business page for your company, product, business, or service.  It needs to be complete and full of great information.  Start with the top 5-10 questions that you get asked and build your posts or write articles around those subjects.  

When I make posts one tool I use (outside of Facebook) to make my posting better is an app on my cell phone call “Word Swag”.  It’s costs $4, totally worth it.  

I create my own posts for all my Facebook pages including Liz Laenger and I Can Social Media Ads.  I used Word Swag to make the above image.  The photo was taken with my phone, of my hand, I added this quote that I say all the time, then I added my logo or sometimes my website.  I think it looks good, and I’m really proud of it!  

When I started my business, my company was called MediaBuyerLiz, and my focus was working face to face with business owners. I ask my clients to send me pictures they have taken and want to use, or I will go to them and take pictures.  Sometimes, I will use stock photos, but the images are always customized for the target we were trying to reach.  With the launch of I Can Social Media Ads, I am now able to serve not only my clients but the general public as well.  My hope that as my business grows my images will be shared and I get more reach.  If it gets discovered from being shared, there’s always a way to find my page or website.   I did that for my clients and now I am doing it for my self.

That is what you want too.  In looking at my insights (free tool inside Facebook) I learned that my prospects and customers really like inspiring quotes and images I take with my iPhone.  I make these posts with one liners that will help them use social media or perhaps want to read more about the subject. Typically I’ll add a link to the post to read more about the technique I referenced.  How can you use this in your business?

Here are more examples:  

There are so many parts of my business that I love such as making critical decisions, being creative and getting to use my many personal preferences.  The quote is something meaningful to me, and reminds those close to me that I love them. 


I’m reminded of a grocery bag that says, “We HEART Our Customers.”  The image on the bag means that the grocery store actually appreciates me and everyone else that shops there.  Who wouldn’t want to carry a bag that communicates a positive, message as opposed to a plain bag?


To be successful in Social Media, you should interact with your customers and prospects on a regular basis.  How does a business do this?  It comes down to an individual.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, it still comes down to getting in front of the right person. You have a business but don’t act like a building.  An individual is reading your article, and an individual is going to make the decision to business with YOU.  

In my opinion, companies doing only direct response marketing, which means constantly asking for the sale and not spending any time building equity with you by demonstrating you are the authority on your product/service.  “Buy My Stuff Now” people are going to be less successful than businesses that engage their audience in the long run.  There is an art to direct response marketing, and successful people do it every day and generate millions of dollars in the process.  But, sustaining that strategy long term will be difficult. I believe in and preach engagement.  It’s how you show your customers that you care.  

It is better to have an engaged audience of 100 than a group of 1,000 silent followers.  

Time equals love.  If you really care you will spend the time doing this.  Engagement is playing the long game and focuses on content marketing.  Content marketing means you spend time writing articles and you are always looking for semi related topics to post that your prospect/customer finds helpful.  You are trying to help your potential customer while asking for nothing in return. Here is the psychology of what is happening in this long game approach: 


  1. You are demonstrating to your potential customer that you want to talk to him, and you care about meeting his/her needs.

  2. Many products and services need educational information provided in order for a prospect to make an informed decision. An informed prospect will normally buy, but a confused prospect will not.

  3. Engagement separates you from your competition because most businesses are not willing to do it. Most businesses are straight up asking, “Will you buy from me?” It is so easy for a customer to just say no. Why would a customer want to do business with a company that doesn’t ask, “What are your needs?” or “How did you hear about us?” or “Where did you find our number?” “What event just occurred to lead you to needing this service?”

  4. Part II of Engagement separates you from your competition because you are establishing your authority by demonstrating what you know and what you’ve accomplished for others.

The Pushback

I’ve heard other marketers say, “You can’t get paid in likes.”  I understand, but if you blow off engagement and only worry about making a quick sale, I promise you’ll will wake up one day and regret it.  Anything can be taken away at any time, so talk to your customers like you are going to lose them.  Engage, and give away as much content as you can, and you do, do it with absolutely no strings attached.

We’ve already established that this can be a chore, but if trying to engage your customer is at the bottom of your list, then you’ve already lost.  How can you serve your customer?  How can you surprise and delight them?  How can you show your appreciation?  There are dozens of ways.  If it’s too difficult for you, then there may be someone on your team that is better equipped at finding ways to engage your customer.  Find that person, and get him/her involved!

Facebook gives us a great platform to engage potential customers.  Can you have a customer of the day?  Can you have a monthly contest?  Can you have a weekly drawing?  There might only be one winner, but send an acknowledgement or thank you to each person that entered.  Respond to everyone on Facebook that rates your business or “Likes” your page.  Call potential customers and thank them for their interest in your business.  Talk to potential customers about their needs and why they responded to you.  It’s a small thing and will take some time, TIME = LOVE andit will make a big difference.  

Time = Love, so how are you going to show the LOVE?  I want to hear the unique ideas you come up with.