And they blew it...

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The article, well written by Wired, is even better commentated by one of my favorite Youtubers, Cody Ko on his podcast.

This is so embarrassing. How can people in power, in charge, or claim to run anything in this day and age be so technologically illiterate? Self awareness would be enough for anyone to know asking or answering questions should ABSOLUTELY be avoided.

This podcast is not G rated but enjoy. This is a great illustration of how so many people make decisions based on what they heard and not what they know aka data. This is a sad state of business and government.

This post is more of a rant than informational. Enjoy and check yourself. If you need help, ask for it. Thanks for reading/listening.

Can Fear Discredit Advertising on Facebook?

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Written by Liz Laenger                                                  April 13, 2018

A few weeks ago there was a huge announcement about a major change in the newsfeed algorithm and there was mass panic because advertisers thought it was going to ruin the recipe that had been working for them for years. 

Then a couple weeks later the news broke of a data breach that may or may have not affected everything from your unauthorized release of personal information to controlling the presidential election. 

After watching the hearings from legislators and Mark Zuckerberg it seems the questioning was a missed opportunity. For those of us who work in tech industry, making sure that users' needs and rights are protected is paramount. It felt like a witch hunt that would have been better lead by the children of said legislators. I mean what even is this (click for a good laugh)???

If there was a breach planned and executed for malice, it needs to be exposed. However, the robotic and common subject of memes, Zuckerberg, somehow came out smelling like a rose. See here. I was mortified by the questions asked and the lack of preparation for something deemed to be quite serious. You could tell these people have no idea what Facebook is and the value it provides to the economy and in my humble opinion is a little too late to reverse now.

The ever changing medium of Advertising and News distribution is unacceptable to people who hate change.  This dramatic shift to internet media, embraced by almost the entire population, is a threat to the comfortable income of people unwilling to understand it or even attempt to. Shopping malls are closing, business as usual from 10 years ago is antiquated and still they cling to a phone book demanding to maintain “the way we’ve always done it”. I have witnessed this in working with business owners who have been around long enough who continue to insist on that 5pm evening news prime spot that no one is watching. Actually I consider that a niche market for the demographic still there. Life alert, Funeral plans, Hearing aids, etc. will probably still win there, but why wouldn’t you start moving into this medium so you can leave your business as a legacy to the future generations. 

Look at these hilarious historical quotes and guess what the our generations ridiculous quote will be, we may have already heard it in the hearings:

“This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication.” —Western Union internal memo 1876.

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” —an investor in response to David Sarnoff’s push for radio 1920

“While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially it is an impossibility.” —Lee De Forest, radio pioneer 1926. This one is my personal favorite!

“Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual communities. Commerce and business will shift from offices and malls to networks and modems. And the freedom of digital networks will make government more democratic. Baloney.” —Cliff Stoll, author, astronomer, professor

Here is a voice of reason:

“If I had a nickel for every time an investor told me this wouldn’t work…” —Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon 1995 and the first and largest investor in Google search for his then book company. By the way, he purchased Zappos for over a Billion dollars since then. 

The online behavior hasn’t change one bit even with all this negative press. I’ve heard a couple people say they deleted their account…..BYE! There are plenty more buyers still there and they aren’t leaving. In fact new buyers enter this market every single day. Why are people letting this mind set sabotage their legacy? 

There will be more changes coming, bet on that. However, this "new media" is still bringing in more revenue than ever before to the people willing and patient enough to try it, and finding the resources and variables to make it work. It’s not push button and boom results, but, it’s worth understanding or partnering with someone that does. You don’t have to throw money at it. You can spend a fraction of your marketing budget, play it like a long game, and leave the legacy your organization deserves.

Learn more or get help by contacting me. I love to help business owners.

What Is Networking???

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Written by Liz Laenger                                                  March 21, 2018

I think face to face or one to one engagement is crucial leading up to any campaign. This may not be what you are expecting from Liz Laenger, Social Media and Internet Marketer. 

The truth is Internet Marketing can become very isolating and you get so wrapped up in data that you can lose sight of the goal. Goal: We are trying to affect human behavior. That is why I believe networking can help you in more than one way. Specifically face to face networking.

In creating a goal specific strategy for each organization I work with, I’ll typically start with the fundamentals. That is based on online behaviors and buyer demographics, but, I still like to leave some amount of space for one to one or human interaction. It is a form of networking and looks something like this: calling 10 people, texting 5-10 people directly, unpacking to a handful of prospects what is about to happen. It is always insightful and, of course, results in a few extra sales we might not have gotten.

Another type of networking happens in big groups. Each industry presents its own opportunities with conferences either in or out of town. The ones I attend for Social Media Marketing every year are always amazing and offer way more than I could learn anywhere near where I live. That is one of the reasons I went into business for myself. When I attended one of my first conferences, I could see that no one was teaching, talking about, or executing anything I was learning in my own city. It’s nice if you don’t have to go far to learn new techniques, however, consider that it might be part of your path to spend time doing this and bringing it back to your city. You are serving and building your authority at the same time. 

Go to as many as you can. Many conferences foster opportunities to create new relationships so that ideas can be shared. Take advantage, there is no need to conceal your strategy. Every chance I have gotten to share my own ideas, I believe I received back more than I offered. To my knowledge this has never lead me wrong. 

The last type of networking I want to encourage you to do is join groups in your local area. You can join culture groups that support the identity of your city or any specific area of interest. You can join industry related groups where perhaps your competition is a member of also. Don’t worry about the competition. You just may end up collaborating with them. If you truly want to serve your audience you will alway offer them the best option. Align yourself with the best people, groups, and/or non profits. Believe in and promote your unique characteristics that set yourself apart from your competition.

Many of these networking events are about bringing the most people together to support your local area or a certain cause. Join a few, make friends, and provide value. Do it with no strings attached and I will almost guarantee in time at least one these people will refer you business because they learned you are an expert. Carve out a particular amount of time to devote for the greater good and the opportunity to help someone who might now have otherwise found you.  

If your heart is to serve and communicate with your audience, you will know how to best serve them. There are multitude of great activities to include on your path. Making time for these activities will yield a benefit in multiple areas of your life you could not have created another way.

Where can you network, serve, or get involved? Make a list. Put it on the calendar. Get started. 

Sincerely, Liz Laenger 

P.S. Want more help ask me here>>

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   Written by Liz Laenger      March 14th, 2018                                                        

I’m going to spill the beans right in the beginning of this article:

What if your Social Media profiles aren’t for getting new business? Maybe you have a different goal.

The reason why you hire a Social Media and Internet Marketer is because the techniques that get you success from Online Marketing changes faster than you are going to have time to keep up with. Platforms change their rules or processes daily. If you care about your buyers, employees, vendors, and public opinion of your organization, you I recommend you take note of this theory that will change the long game strategy of your business.. If you don’t establish and maintain this relationship online you will lose business to someone who is doing this well.

When I listen to my own industry competitors, I get this overwhelming message that “Facebook Fans” or any platform followers are to be monetized. There are many cases were this should not be your goal. You should analyze who your current Audience fan base is and what your goals are. You may very well be solely using this platform to offer helpful content or demonstrate the DNA of or organization. It can be a total “give” and a place where you are controlling the information that goes out about your organization. Maybe you are a non-profit recruiting volunteers or a company looking for new employees. There is a right and a wrong way to do this and I rarely see organization spending time posting the wrong content in the wrong place. Why would you spend the time and not expect a result?????

If your goal is not direct sales or sales at all then, I am looking to find the basket you should put your sales eggs in. There are many other options for selling on the internet. You can display targeted content or ads on Facebook to your perfect prospect’s demographics or custom audiences, I can make sure that your Fans will not see those. Those prospects might head back to your Facebook page to check out what kind of organization they are considering doing business with. This is the NUMBER ONE REASON you should never scrap Social Media all together. Another excellent option is Google Search by ranking and using SEO techniques. The last one I’ll name but, certainly not the least is the phenomenal tool LinkedIn Premium has come to be. That has brought me such great results that I like to call it my “ACE IN THE HOLE”. 

Can answer some deeper questions for you regarding your organizations goals? Message me at or go to my website>>


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                                              Written by Liz Laenger February 2018

Here is why we are still talking about making videos but, you are not doing it: 

You think you need a fancy camera. If you can afford a fancy camera you already know that there is a learning curve to using the ones that some of the more note-able video makers use.  You are probably right, there will be a learning curve that you don’t have time for. 

You think you need a big budget production company. Well I say you don’t and hear me out on this.  If you are trying to get the attention of your buyer on Facebook or any Social Media Platform, big production quality videos are not native in Facebook or Youtube.  Users are scrolling right past those and subconsciously tuning them out.  They look like TV commercials and people have been trained to tune those out unless they are watching the Super Bowl.

(By the way if your buyer is watching TV and a commercial comes on, they probably grabbed their phone to check Facebook or email until the show is back on. You know it because you do it too.)

Screenshot 2018-02-11 19.00.52.png

You aren’t sure how to make a video. Ok now you have a legitimate reason.  Everyone who is using videos as a tool to reach their company or organization’s goal started at this spot too.  They figured it out.  Maybe they found someone on their team to get it started.  Perhaps they watched enough videos and played around with the editing software that comes free with most smart phones, until they made……SOMETHING.  Then they kept working at it and their videos get better and better.  This is my story.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that most of the reasons you aren’t doing it is because you don’t want to or simply can’t spend that kind of money.  As you can see that is GREAT, because you don’t need to. By doing this yourself, or within your organization, none of these reasons should hold you back from starting.  

Now that you are willing to start……you are willing, right????  I will share what I learned from starting from zero to making videos that get results. 

  1. Notice the platform your buyers are using or “hanging out” on and also what kind of videos are there.  Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc….Notice the amounts of views they are getting and what they have in common.  You may not be able to emulate those right away but, understanding what seems to be holding people’s attention is important.  I noticed early on the clips are super short.  There are many cutaways.  There isn’t long dialogue and all of this explaining.  I noticed my attention needed to be captured in the first 5 or so seconds and it was done with visuals and dialogue.  It was something really good typically opening a loop I would need to watch long enough to get the resolution for.
  2. Music Use it!  Don’t let copyright laws scare you.  Facebook and Youtube offer free to use music without giving credit to the creator.  You can learn more about that in the creator section of those platforms.  You don’t need expensive music to get started telling your story.
  3. Story tell You can do this through filming an actual experience then editing it or by following a basic 3 part formula that you will apply to the story that you tell about your product or service: The beginning-how things are (present the problem). The point of no return or what happens that you can’t go back from. Last, the resolution- how your product solves their problem.
  4. Dialogue  I touched on this a bit already and I want to share with you what I have noticed about my videos considering the watch time and results of the video themselves.  The videos I created that have contained dialogue typically have a greater watch time and therefore they get shown to more people because (in Facebook) the longer the watch time the more engaging your content appears to be.  Facebook cares about more about the user experience than anything else and all of their decision making seems to come down to that statement (in my opinion). You want to keep it concise and humorous if possible. Yes sad videos work too but, I’ve never tried to make one (on purpose) and I don’t think I could do a great job with that genre.  Make people laugh 😂 😂 😂.   


I have several examples on my YouTube channel.  It offers different varieties and business personalities I captured.  Take a look.  Feel free to ask me questions.  I would love to help you.  If you are willing to start, you will do great…..I know it!

Written by Liz Laenger  May 2017

This one is easy, which is great.  Since rules and tools change daily, many business owners who are new to using Social Media give up on putting serious effort into their Social Media presence, branding, and promoting too quickly.  The businesses and organizations who understand that it works and are seeing real results from it are great at adjusting so they can get all the business that the quitters are leaving on the table.  In fact they are adding more and more of their advertising budget and focus to Social Media platforms.  

When you are starting out, the best thing to do is start with the most powerful Social Media platform, Facebook.  They have the greatest amount of people using it daily and also offer free tools to show you which of your actions (posts, texts, images, and video).  Don't spread yourself too thin.  Just start with Facebook.  Use the Insights and Analytics to discover what your audience is responding to.  


Spoiler Alert:  Videos are working the best right now.  Making short videos that demonstrate what your buyers experience when they patronize your organization.  This works very much the same for events and non profits too.  Don't worry, you don't need to hire anyone to make professional videos for you.  You don't want these video to look like a commercial you see on TV.  If fact those don't capture your prospects attention anyway.  

First hand experiences that look a lot like the videos your friends are posting on their personal Facebook pages will stop people from scrolling through their Newsfeed to watch your video.  All you need is a smart phone and start practicing. An Iphone comes with Imovie which will allow you to edit the video so you can tell a story and make it interesting.  Keep it short and entertaining.  Give the viewer results in advance by using content that will help the viewer right away.  This is especially important if your product or service requires some education to help your prospect understand what makes your organization the right choice for them.  I have some examples on my YouTube Channel.  

Make as many of these as you can, post them, repost them, and post different versions as many times a day or a week as you can.  You'll know your doing it right when you look at the analytics and you have engagement numbers that keep growing.  When I look at it and I see that over 200 times a person left their Newsfeed to go to your page.  In the Facebook world, this proves they wanted to discover more about your product or service.  See this screen shot of a business who had 800 fans and posted a first hand experience video.  


This is a local business and we add 86 fans that week too.  This is not a huge number compared to a business with a national reach.  This video did its job for the sale it was promoting and it is growing.  You just want to keep growing, or going in that direction.


I can help you fill in the details of how I created this result.  You can contact me using the form below.  We'll have a conversation or set up a consultation so I can help you.  It is important for you to know, I spent no money promoting this video.  It was good enough to get this kind of reach.  You can pay to reach more people, but if you keep practicing like I did, you will be able to understand what gets your audience's attention. 

There are other ways to accomplish effectively communicating with your audience.  Just start. Keep working at it.  You'll be glad you did.

Yours In Success!
Liz Laenger
Social Media Strategist


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The Thing About Advertising Awards

I'm going to share something with you, and it’s a little controversial.

Awards are just fancy stuff in the advertising world. It's cool to be recognized and everyone that is, should feel some sense of pride about it.

It's just that my goal has never ever been to win an award, like ever.  It’s never even crossed my mind, because getting paid in cool little trophies would be tough to explain to the bank or my family at dinner time. My goal is always to grow your customers and revenue because that is all my clients care about. READ MORE >>

Do you know what your customers and prospects are doing right now?  

Right now your customer is planning to buy a list of things that their loved ones want.  They are planning on spending massive amounts of money.  While they have their wallet out, don’t you want to get your product or service in front of them?  

Now, how are your going to convince them to buy from you?  READ MORE>>

How To Avoid Social Media Overwhelm When Making Ads For Your Business

written by Liz Laenger
October 7, 2016

(Hand raised)  “I’ll take this one.” says Liz Laenger, Social Media Marketer and strategist.

I sometimes write about my unwillingness to work with business owners who expect vending machine results from Social Media.  If I detect a bit of laziness after having been very upfront about the work it takes to stand out in the noisy Social Media space, It’s my cue to exit stage left.  I stand by that view point. However, THAT is totally different than READ MORE>>

Making Your Time Count on Social Part 2


written by Liz Laenger
October 3, 2016

If you have read part one, you are ready to start or work a little harder at reaching your audience. So, let’s talk about where we start.  You have a business page for your company, product, business, or service.  It needs to be complete and full of great information.  Start with the top 5-10 questions that you get asked and build your posts or write articles around those subjects.  

When I make posts one tool I use (outside of Facebook) to make my posting better is an app on my cell phone call “Word Swag”.  It’s costs $4, totally worth it.  

I create my own posts for all my Facebook pages including Liz Laenger and I Can Social Media Ads.  I used Word Swag to make the above image.  The photo was taken with my phone, of my hand, I added this quote that I say all the time, then I added my logo or sometimes my website.  I think it looks good, and I’m really proud of it!  

When I started my business, my company was called MediaBuyerLiz, and my focus was working face to face with business owners. I ask my clients to send me pictures they have taken and want to use, or I will go to them and take pictures.  Sometimes, I will use stock photos, but the images are always customized for the target we were trying to reach.  With the launch of I Can Social Media Ads, I am now able to serve not only my clients but the general public as well.  My hope that as my business grows my images will be shared and I get more reach.  If it gets discovered from being shared, there’s always a way to find my page or website.   I did that for my clients and now I am doing it for my self.

That is what you want too.  In looking at my insights (free tool inside Facebook) I learned that my prospects and customers really like inspiring quotes and images I take with my iPhone.  I make these posts with one liners that will help them use social media or perhaps want to read more about the subject. Typically I’ll add a link to the post to read more about the technique I referenced.  How can you use this in your business?

Here are more examples:  

There are so many parts of my business that I love such as making critical decisions, being creative and getting to use my many personal preferences.  The quote is something meaningful to me, and reminds those close to me that I love them. 


I’m reminded of a grocery bag that says, “We HEART Our Customers.”  The image on the bag means that the grocery store actually appreciates me and everyone else that shops there.  Who wouldn’t want to carry a bag that communicates a positive, message as opposed to a plain bag?


To be successful in Social Media, you should interact with your customers and prospects on a regular basis.  How does a business do this?  It comes down to an individual.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, it still comes down to getting in front of the right person. You have a business but don’t act like a building.  An individual is reading your article, and an individual is going to make the decision to business with YOU.  

In my opinion, companies doing only direct response marketing, which means constantly asking for the sale and not spending any time building equity with you by demonstrating you are the authority on your product/service.  “Buy My Stuff Now” people are going to be less successful than businesses that engage their audience in the long run.  There is an art to direct response marketing, and successful people do it every day and generate millions of dollars in the process.  But, sustaining that strategy long term will be difficult. I believe in and preach engagement.  It’s how you show your customers that you care.  

It is better to have an engaged audience of 100 than a group of 1,000 silent followers.  

Time equals love.  If you really care you will spend the time doing this.  Engagement is playing the long game and focuses on content marketing.  Content marketing means you spend time writing articles and you are always looking for semi related topics to post that your prospect/customer finds helpful.  You are trying to help your potential customer while asking for nothing in return. Here is the psychology of what is happening in this long game approach: 


  1. You are demonstrating to your potential customer that you want to talk to him, and you care about meeting his/her needs.

  2. Many products and services need educational information provided in order for a prospect to make an informed decision. An informed prospect will normally buy, but a confused prospect will not.

  3. Engagement separates you from your competition because most businesses are not willing to do it. Most businesses are straight up asking, “Will you buy from me?” It is so easy for a customer to just say no. Why would a customer want to do business with a company that doesn’t ask, “What are your needs?” or “How did you hear about us?” or “Where did you find our number?” “What event just occurred to lead you to needing this service?”

  4. Part II of Engagement separates you from your competition because you are establishing your authority by demonstrating what you know and what you’ve accomplished for others.

The Pushback

I’ve heard other marketers say, “You can’t get paid in likes.”  I understand, but if you blow off engagement and only worry about making a quick sale, I promise you’ll will wake up one day and regret it.  Anything can be taken away at any time, so talk to your customers like you are going to lose them.  Engage, and give away as much content as you can, and you do, do it with absolutely no strings attached.

We’ve already established that this can be a chore, but if trying to engage your customer is at the bottom of your list, then you’ve already lost.  How can you serve your customer?  How can you surprise and delight them?  How can you show your appreciation?  There are dozens of ways.  If it’s too difficult for you, then there may be someone on your team that is better equipped at finding ways to engage your customer.  Find that person, and get him/her involved!

Facebook gives us a great platform to engage potential customers.  Can you have a customer of the day?  Can you have a monthly contest?  Can you have a weekly drawing?  There might only be one winner, but send an acknowledgement or thank you to each person that entered.  Respond to everyone on Facebook that rates your business or “Likes” your page.  Call potential customers and thank them for their interest in your business.  Talk to potential customers about their needs and why they responded to you.  It’s a small thing and will take some time, TIME = LOVE andit will make a big difference.  

Time = Love, so how are you going to show the LOVE?  I want to hear the unique ideas you come up with. 





Making Your Time Count On Social

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August 18, 2016

One of the chief complaints my prospects say to me is, “I don’t know what to post and I don’t have time to post the amount of things you are recommending”.

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Is This a Post or an Ad?

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If you are charged with running a business’ Facebook page … I feel for you!  Based on the questions we receive every day, I know there’s a lot of confusion out there.  I want to help!

So, here’s an easy answer:

When you go to your business page and post an update, it is considered just that - an update. It’s free, and you can do it as many times as you want.  Depending on how many......READ MORE 



Don't Be Mad If Your Vacation Looks Like This.....

written by Liz Laenger
July 2016

It’s comical, to me,  these days that we get outraged when people are always on their cellphones.  As a society, I guess we are used to cellphones being visible, but we aren’t used to them acquiring 90% of our attention.  I think it’s funny because our reaction is predictable and passive aggressive.  Interestingly enough, 91% of the traffic to my website is from mobile devices, and my business would be in trouble if it had to depend on desktop traffic alone to get sales. READ MORE



What Will Ferrell Taught Me About Facebook Ads

written by Liz Laenger
June 2016

If you haven’t been on one of my trainings, you most likely don’t know me or my story.  

The Backstory - I was a stay at home mom for 10 years, and while I entertained a few business ideas, I mostly enjoyed making my home and planning family activities. One day, my then husband, asked me to get a job. I reluctantly agreed.

In my home state of Louisiana, it was easy to get a job on a movie set, especially as part of a scene’s background. For several years, I worked on countless movie sets and had a blastMy ambition was to do something fun and unusual, and the movie business was the ticket.  It was a great experience, and I learned so much, mostly that I have absolutely no ambition of being an actor.

Finally, I was offered the chance to work on the movieThe Campaign starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. I jumped at the chance, because they are two of my favorite comedic actors. To my delight, I got on three scenes. It would be three days of laughing, and who wouldn’t want a job where you get paid to laugh … right?!

The Takeaway – So, What Will Ferrell Taught Me About Social Media Marketing is as follows:  READ MORE

How Easy Is It To Make a Snapchat Filter

written by Liz Laenger
April 2016


You know you’re cool when your friend makes you a custom Snapchat filter for your birthday, and it displays during your party at its very location! Yes, my lifelong, chemical engineer friend, Kelley Green, is very cool. Although, she disagrees and says anyone with this job title is automatically “not cool”. 

She is a gorgeous, funny, sweet and loyal friend. That equals cool in my book, so she got a custom filter from me. How hard was it?

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Does It Matter What Time You Post To Your Facebook Business Page?

written by Liz Laenger
March 2016

If your Facebook happy friends have a great meal and didn’t post about it, DID IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN??????

Well you might never know the answer.  BUT!  Here is something I do know:  Facebook gets to decide if what you are posting is “engaging” enough for your fans and even friends to get to see.  It seems that less than 10% of your fans will see your post and depending on if those less than 10% of people like, comment, or share it determines if Facebook will begin to show it to more people.  

Yes they start small and start opening up the floodgates if your post gets engaged with.

Why am I telling you all this? Well because the answer to the question I posed initially can help you get engaged!!!!      READ MORE